The specific protective rules for the ‘keurtuinen’ are included in the zoning plans. The main objective is to preserve and restore the special cultural-historical value of the ‘keurtuinen’. For example, paving and building are forbidden as well as parking, tranporting and unloading vehicles. Nor are any commercial activities including catering permitted.The building of basements under the gardens is not allowed, as is the use of the gardens for storage, placing air-conditioning units and as a landfill or storage facility.The construction and use of the garden houses in the gardens is also subject to legal regulations. For example, it is forbidden to live in a garden house or to use it commercially.

The trees in the gardens are protected by the municipal tree felling regulation, whereby the criterion “in the interest of maintaining nature, landscape or urban beauty” when applying for a felling permit is strictly applied.Monumental trees older than 50 years have a special status; these should not be cut down unless the trees are sick.